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Havana Santa Fe - Havana Cuba

Santa Fe and Jaimanitas, two communities that are a part of the City of Havana but are about 15 minute drive or a 30 minute bus ride from downtown. That part of Habana is laid back and right on the coast. Places to stay (casa particular) are nice and much less expensive than other area in Havana. If you no like the hubbub of downtown areas, then stay there. If you love tranquility, laid-back living, easy-going people, great food, excellent and inexpensive accommodations, and easy access to the sea water Santa Fe and Jaimanitas is an excellent option for your stay in Havana

Havana Santa Fe Casa Particular - Full Listing

Casa Zuleika

House with Swimming Pool in Havana - Villa Zuleika has three independent apartment with private bath, the guest can enjoy an exellent swimming pool and access to the beach (crystalline waters beach in the coast) nearby to Marina Hemingway in 5 (fifth) avenue Villa Zuleika is located in exclusive area "Santa Fe" in Havana City - create your very own vacation memories by enjoying local life style...

Santa Fe
Rooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3
Condition: Shared
Terrace: Yes
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