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Cuba - Destinations

That extremely beautiful island that saw the admiral Christopher Columbus, was the land of the aboriginal. They called it Cuba, because its mountains in the oriental part seemed gigantic vats. But the Spanish discoverer in honour to the Spaniard Catholic Kings called it as Juana and its residents called Indians, sons of the Indies. Later it was baptized as the Fernandina, for the King Don Fernando El Catolico. Centuries later it began to consist in official acts with the name that today has the island. Starting from then, all we call it Cuba, the bigger in Antilles, land full of natural charms, historical values and human wealth. An Island that resists to the step of the time, magic and mystic in the middle of XXI century. Know by yourself some of the main tourist destinations, don't let anyone to tell you.

Casa Particular - Cienfuegos

Casa Particular - Vinales

Casa Particular - Trinidad

Casa Particular - Santa Clara

Casa Particular - Varadero

Casa Particular - Remedios

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